building a home in aiken, south carolina

Building a Home in Aiken, South Carolina? Let us help.

If you are building a home in Aiken, South Carolina, there is a lot to consider. This decision is probably the largest investment you will ever make, so you will want to do a lot of research first.

The Beginning Steps: Research

To begin, you will need to find a designer to create the outline of your house. Your floorplan will shape the way you experience your home, so this part of the homebuilding process is imperative. Find someone with good reviews and plenty of experience.

Next, you will need to find a builder to execute these plans. Of course, start by looking at some of their work. If you like the look of their past homes, that’s a very good sign. Additionally, you will need someone organized and detail-oriented with a knack for customer-service so that you are kept in the loop. Another quality to look for is that the person is known for sticking to a schedule. Some homebuilders will say they will have something done one day but then take weeks to actually do what they promised.

Designer and Builder in Aiken, South Carolina

Oftentimes when building a home, the person drawing the floorplans is different than the person who executes them. This disconnect can lead to miscommunication or difficulties maintaining a budget.

What makes Donnie Shaffer Homes unique is that the designer IS the builder. Everything that Donnie Shaffer creates he is then able to build. He draws every single plan by hand to ensure the smallest of details are not forgotten. Then he goes the extra mile to ensure that each part of the sketch is executed perfectly to each specification and on time.

We Become Like Family

Building a home in Aiken, South Carolina or any area is a process. Donnie Shaffer Homes go out of their way to help you along the journey by:

  • Discussing in depth your unique lifestyle and needs
  • Taking the time to explain and discuss each part of the development
  • Emailing pictures daily to update you on the status of your home

Throughout this constant communication, we will get to know each other very well. We become more than just your homebuilder—we become like family. We still keep in contact with customers from 15 years ago to this day.

Building a Home in Aiken, South Carolina

Let us help you with building a home in Aiken, South Carolina. Contact Donnie Shaffer Homes at (803) 643-1718 or email

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