We believe in spending a great deal of time everyday personally insuring that homes we build meet our high standards and our customers’ expectations. Some of our standard construction practices include:

  • Doubled 1/2″ steel rebar throughout all concrete footings, even when not required by building codes
  • Custom designed foundation plans including extensive use of drop sills for maximum strength and level floors
  • We fill all concrete block piers solid with mortar for extra strength
  • We waterproof nearly all of our foundations except in very sandy soil where it is not necessary
  • 2″x10″ floor systems for all heated living space, no 2″x8″s – This makes our floors stronger and eliminates most of the “bounce” associated with 2″x8″ floors
  • We not only nail and glue our 3/4″ tongue & groove Advantech floors, we also screw down each piece to minimize floor squeaks
  • All homes wrapped with a quality house wrap to provide a breathable moisture barrier against outside elements
  • Sound proofing insulation in all bathrooms, the mudroom and master bedroom walls
  • After framing is complete, we replace any slightly warped studs to insure that finished walls will be smooth
  • We always secure rafters to walls with hurricane straps even if local building codes do not require it – This makes the roof much stronger in very high wind conditions
  • Custom built cabinets of the highest quality – our cabinet maker designs your cabinets around your individual needs and tastes – our cabinets are always a key selling point in our homes
  • Outstanding trim and brick work that comes from hiring the best workers, not the least expensive – our trim carpenters and masons have worked with us for many years because they do the work we expect
  • Low E Windows (more energy efficient, costing less for electricity in the Summer when using the Air Conditioning)
  • All Exterior Doors are Fiberglass (Fiberglass doors won’t dent as easily as steel doors)
  • Concrete steel reinforcing wire panels in garage, parking pad and driveway concrete
  • All our homes include very large attic storage areas

Energy Efficient Features

  • 17 SEER High Efficiency Heat/AC system (two-staged, zoned systems)
  • Techshield Radient Roof Sheathing in attic (reflects UV rays to keep attics cooler during the summer)
  • Increased insulations – ceiling: R-38; walls: R-15; floors: R-19
  • Low E glass, double-pane vinyl windows

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