5 Secrets to Designing Custom Equestrian Homes | Aiken, South Carolina

Donnie Shaffer Homes specializes in designing and building custom equestrian homes in Aiken, South Carolina. After more than 3 decades of building in the historic horse town of Aiken, we have figured out many different secrets to creating some of the most coveted and luxurious custom equestrian homes. Today, we will share a few of them with you.

1. Layout Is Key

The layout of the home on the lot is key to fitting this unique lifestyle. We design the house plans on the property so that all views are maximized by making sure that the best windows face the barn and paddocks. Plus, we design side entrances with a covered porch for easy access from the barn. This entrance also takes you straight into a large mudroom.

2. Create Gorgeous Views

To make the view of the barn and paddocks even better, we use larger windows than usual. They are very tall, usually covering most of the space between the floor and ceiling. In our opinion, you can’t have too many windows when you have that view. We usually design the Master bedroom to have an entire back wall of them.

3. It’s the Little Things

We know that with horse people, some of the smallest things can be a huge convenience, so we put extra hooks and shelves on a built-in bench in the mud room to easily store your boots, helmet, and anything else at the entrance. This extra convenience helps to keep things organized in the same place.


4. Easier Clean Up

No one wants to trek mud into their beautiful home! That’s why we always have an extra sink and a bathroom adjacent to the mudroom in custom equestrian homes for easier clean up.

5. Finding the Ideal Neighborhood

Location is a huge factor in how much enjoyment you will get out of your new home. Aiken, South Carolina has multiple different world-class equestrian neighborhoods to choose from. Take a look at our blog to help find the ideal one for you. As a home contractor, Donnie Shaffer Homes has several sought-after homesites to choose from in these areas to build your custom equestrian home.


Custom Equestrian Homes in Aiken, South Carolina

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