Buying a home is the largest investment most families ever make, so we take our responsibility as your custom home designer and builder seriously. We do everything we can to ensure that we not only meet but exceed your expectations. As you can tell from our clients testimonials, our commitment to excellence has not gone unnoticed.

We encourage our customers to view other houses we have built and to talk with our past customers. We are proud to provide references to assist you. Below is a sample of comments we have received from recent customers:

“We’ve been in our house 3 months now and it couldn’t be more perfect! It was a pleasure working with Donnie and Big Al long distance and they were wonderful about sending photos every day.  They always called if there were any questions or decisions and were extremely helpful with making sure those decisions were correct! I would give them the most positive recommendation one can give. And the follow-up has also been fabulous!”

Dr. Harry and Nancy Goldmark – April 2016

“Dear Donnie and Big Al,
Thank you both so very much for taking care of our home. We so appreciate all that you did. You certainly went above and beyond. We cannot thank you enough!”

Best Regards, Maureen and John Goldstein – August 2015

“We found Donnie Shaffer homes through a recommendation from a mutual friend. We were given a CD about Donnie Shaffer Homes and knew we wanted to learn more. We visited one of his homes in Three Runs Plantation to see for ourselves and were very impressed with the layout, workmanship and overall quality and attention to detail. We went back several times and looked at other houses he built, as well as talked to others in the community. We made the decision early to go with Donnie and we have never regretted it. He and Al Foremen delivered what they promised when they promised it. They were always willing to talk with us, always up front and resolved the very few issues we had very quickly. From signing to completion was four months. We have been in our house three years now and it still amazes us. I highly recommend Donnie to anyone looking to build. They are the best I’ve ever worked with.”

Respectfully, Robbie and Cathie Lynn – August 2015

“We had and continue to have a good relationship with this company. We went from a concept without a design. While we were still living in New England, we would take pictures of different house features that we wanted to have in our new home. Through emails and telephone conversations, Donnie and Al would design around those ideas. They would adapt roof designs, floor plans, etc. to make our ideas turn into reality.

Three and a half years later, we still love the house and keep in contact with the builders, and even the subcontractors. Of course there has been the occasional minor problem that will pop up in a new home. This is where you hope you chose the right builder!

I know I can make a phone call or send a text to Big Al. He will help me with information or who to call to help me. After this amount of time, he is not obligated to help me out, but he does just because he is a class act. The electrician, the plumber, painter, etc have all been super whenever we had a project to do or to change something that we wanted to do differently. We consider these people friends now.”

Jerry and Donna Wilson – Follow up recommendation July 2015

“In the early Fall of 2013 we decided to get serious about looking for a new home in Aiken. We looked at several existing homes and were not satisfied. We had visited Three Runs Plantation some 2 or 3 years earlier and upon a revisit discovered the Donnie Shaffer spec home on Hiwassee Dr. We were immediately taken with the layout. It was spacious and very open. It had 10 foot ceilings and great windows. It was obvious that the workmanship was excellent. After the initial meeting with Donnie and Big Al, we were very satisfied that they were the people we wanted to build our new home. With Donnie’s help we personalized the new design but kept the layout consistent with the spec house. We were very satisfied with the final result and commenced building in the Spring of 2014. The construction proceeded in a timely manner and went smoothly. The process was facilitated greatly by Big Al’s communication. Donnie kept us up to date on construction with emails and pics almost daily. Their presence at the job site assured that the quality of construction was very good. We were impressed with their subcontractors and their work ethic. Donnie and Big Al’s presence on site and their friendly and knowledgeable communication made our first time home building a pleasant and exciting process. We have been in our new home almost a year and really love it and Three Runs.

We highly recommend Donnie Shaffer Homes. Thank you Donnie and Big Al from a very satisfied customer.”

Lynn and Linda Severance – July 2015

“Donnie and Lori,
I knew if I put ‘Dream House’ on my Christmas list, I’d get it!! Thank you so much for designing, engineering and building our spectacular home!”

Susan and Ron Secrest – December 2014

“We provided Donnie with a rough draft of a floor design and asked him to complete the design with a price that was within the range we cited as being acceptable. The home plan he provided was an excellent one which we adopted with only a few minor changes.

I have had three homes built previously when I lived in Wisconsin. The builders up there did acceptable work at a price we could afford.

The home Donnie built for us down here in Three Runs is clearly superior in both workmanship and quality. If I ever decided to build another home here there is no question I would ask him to do the work. Both he and his project supervisor are decent and honorable people. We were even provided a check at closing to reimburse us for work that came in under the contract allowance. Working with them was both pleasurable and easy to do.”

James M Watson – October 2013

“Donnie Shaffer Homes proved to be polite and professional .They listened to our needs and wants. We were helped along the construction process with their experience and advice. The process of building a home can be very stressful but Donnie Shaffer Homes did a great job helping us. I would use them again. There are many beautiful homes in our development but I think ours is the most beautiful. Thanks to the wonderful people at Donnie Shaffer Homes.”

William Wert – July 2013

“My wife and I truly had a very good experience with Donnie Shaffer Homes, Big Al, Donnie and Lori. We looked at several builders in the Aiken area and kept coming back to the Shaffer Homes and its construction. As we were from Northern New York State, we relied heavily on the recommendations that we had received from other customers of Shaffer Homes. Our home construction began in June 2012 and was completed just prior to November 1, 2012. Every day of construction they sent us detailed pictures of the worksite, the construction, and any pictures that we requested to help in any change orders that we made. The day we took possession Big Al asked us for a punch list of items that needed to be corrected. We could not find one item that needed to be taken care of except a torn screen that was replaced immediately.”

Charles and Marcia Lawrence – July 2013

“Dear Donnie and Big Al,
Just wanted to send you all a greeting from my heart to all of you at Shaffer Homes. I still think about how wonderful you have been to us and consider you special friends. We appreciate even almost 2 years later your dedication, compassion, laughter and hug with love.”

Cindy and Gerry Prestia – June 2013

“I am 67, built several homes, and Donnie and Big Al are the best builders I have ever seen.”

Ron and Terri Hutchins – March 2013

“Dear Donnie and Big Al,
Thank you for all the things you have done for us! You are the best! We love our home so much and appreciate all you do.”

Trish and George Zara – February 2013

“Mike and I had a very good experience with Donnie and Big Al. They got it done on budget and on time and were pleasant and accommodating to deal with. I have nothing but good things to say. “

Cathy and Mike Shortsleeve – December 2012

“Donnie, Big Al and Lori,

All of you turned a vision from our head into our dream home. Any builder can build a house, you have built a home! Thank you!”

With Deepest Gratitude,
Donna and Jerry Wilson – January 2012

“Now that we are a little more settled in our new home, we wanted to thank you for all that you have done for us.

We do feel that if we had not found you that we would not have been able to afford to build such a nice home. Maggie said that there may be homes in Cedar Creek that may cost more than ours but there are none that are more beautiful than ours. We just feel so appreciative and grateful.”

Maggie and Gary Warnock – May 2010

“Thank you for designing and building our “dream house!” We especially appreciate your attention to detail that makes our house so special.

Robert enjoyed watching every phase of the building and admired the exceptional quality!

Lori, thank you for all your “color consultations” and advice. We’re thrilled with the way it came together.

If you ever want to show the house to future clients, we would be delighted! Thanks again for making our dream a reality. We still can’t believe it!”

Cherie and Robert Bennett – September 2009

“I meant to mention this a while ago, but it kept slipping my mind. If you ever want to put us down as someone to recommend Donnie Chaffer Homes to a prospective buyer, don’t hesitate.

We will be glad to tell them how happy we are with the company’s responsiveness.”

Stephanie and Bruce Reinhardt – February 2009

“We are so grateful for the beautiful home you created for us!”

Celeste and Tom Malinowski – January 2009

“We are enjoying our beautiful new home. Many thanks to all for your efforts to build a house that we can be comfortable in calling home!”

Gwen and Phil Lenzen – September 2005

Thank you for a beautiful home and for making it all so easy.

Charlotte and Mike Dodson – June 2005

“We certainly enjoy our new home and appreciate the quality of work in construction. The service your people have shown in outstanding. You are welcome to use our home and us personally to tell others of our satisfaction.”

Brenda and Hoy Burton – May 2003

“We are sooooo very happy in our new home. You all have been more than helpful – your service after the sale is above and beyond!

We believe we have the most beautiful house in Mt. Vintage, certainly the highest construction quality. The attention to detail is obvious and very much appreciated.”

Michelle and Rob Baker – October 2002

“We truly enjoy our beautiful home you built for us. It is comfortable and very well built. We’d like to thank you for the excellent follow-up service and all the extras you so graciously took care of.”

Marianna and George Ulrich – February 2002

“Thank you soooooo much! We love our new home. Just can’t believe how you read our minds – it’s perfect!”

New Friends Forever,
The Pfeifers – December 2001

“We are enjoying our beautiful new home. We appreciate all that you have sone for us in regard to any kind of follow-up and the promptness with which it has been done.

it is rare that clients have the type of relationship that we have had with Donnie Shaffer Homes, Ice.”

Joni and Paul Hopkins – June 2001

“Probably the hardest decision my wife and I had to make in planning for our retirement home was that of choosing the builder. The video presentation from Donnie Shaffer Homes played a key part in helping us choose them as our builder. Donnie was able to convey his ideas to us in language… that was universal… he was able to anticipate the very issues we were most uncomfortable with and addressed them effectively with both verbal and visual illustration… We still feel good about our choice.”

Neal Van Poperin – June 2001

“Thank all of you for building us a first class home at Cedar Creek. The thanks is not only extended to those mentioned above, but also to all the contractors and subcontractors that were involved.

Although, I, Ted Sandel, am writing this letter, you can rest assured that I am also speaking the sentiments of my wife, Anne Wojnar. Being that ours is the first such home built at Cedar Creek, IF EVER YOU SO DESIRE USING OURS AS A SHOWCASE HOME, you have our permission …. just give us a call, or just drive by with your prospective client.”
Ted Sandel – January 2001

“Just wanted you to know how pleased and excited we are about our new home. It is everything we had planned and hoped for. You have made the house building process an enjoyable one. Please stop by for a visit soon. Our landscaping should be in by June 18th and I am “actively” promoting Donnie Shaffer Homes!!!”

Gwen and Rich Mochak – June 1999

“I’ve got a wonderful, quality, solid product that will last me a long time, that I can resell if I ever want to, and will sell itself… and it came in in the time frame I asked him to.”

Rob Smith

“After several frustrating months of attempting to engage a home builder, [someone] recommended Donnie Shaffer Homes. From our initial contact, we had the distinct impression that Donnie Shaffer Homes is a quality builder and that they were interested in meeting our home building needs. All of our expectations for quality and workmanship have been met.”

Rex and Janice Eells – May 1999

“We are very pleased with our new home. When we think of Donnie Shaffer Homes, we think of quality. We would be happy to refer Donnie Shaffer Homes to anyone looking for a builder.”
Mark and Elizabeth Schumpert – February 1999

“They have great people that work for them… they don’t do things halfway… I tend to be a perfectionist… I expect perfection, and I feel that [they] did that for us. If we had a problem, they came back. It’s been 2 years, and if I need something, I know [they’ll] be there.

Pat Jacobs – April 1998

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