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No More Boring Builder Beige In Your Custom Home

What exactly is a neutral color for your custom home? Neutral does not necessarily mean tan or beige or what used to be called “builder beige.” Basically, neutral means light to medium colors that work well with other colors. It can be a color but it is usually subtle or a light shade.

Why You Need Neutral Colors in Your Home

A neutral color helps connect rooms. This works especially well in the open concept design plans. Plus, a neutral color will give you some color on the wall, make the baseboards and trim pop, and be the perfect backdrop for what you want to highlight in your room.

Warm Vs. Cool Neutrals

As with all colors, neutral colors also have warm or cool undertones. A warm neutral will have brown, red, orange or yellow undertones. A cool neutral will have blue or green undertones. Neutral color undertones can be tricky to figure out because the shades are light.

Paint tip: Always look at the darkest color on the paint swatch and the undertones will be easier to see because the color is the most obvious. The same undertones will also show up in the lightest color on that same paint swatch.

What the Heck Is Griege?!

Griege is a combination of the perfect gray color and the perfect beige color from the 90’s. Gray is a “cool” neutral and Greige brings in more warmth with taupe or brown undertones. Greige is becoming the best neutral color ever because it can work with cool or warm color schemes.

Paint in Our Custom Homes

We only use high quality Sherwin-Williams paint. On the interior walls, we use what is called their “Duration Home” line of paints.

Duration Home paint and primer in one features exclusive cross-linking technology that actually repels stains. This paint is considered “washable,” meaning most stains wipe clean with only water. It also has anti-microbial additives in the paint that prevent mildew so it’s especially good for bathrooms. The paint is low VOC which means the odor is minimal. We recommend a flat finish on the walls because it helps to hide any imperfections in your sheetrock finish. On the interior trim we use a semi-gloss finish.

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